Ras Kjærbo // electronic audio artist

Stud.MSc. in the cognitive neuroscience of music, BSc. in biomedicine, Ableton Certified trainer, founder of electronic music school Rumkraft, and graduate of Dubspot's electronic music production master programme, that gives you a hint of who the audio artist, educator, and performer Ras Kjærbo is.

With gigs ranging from New York and New Delhi to Tokyo and back, Ras has gotten to share his unique and diverse style of performing around the world. Festivals, clubs, art shows, environmental happenings, trade shows, political parties, you name it; the more obscure and unique an opportunity to play, the better.

Ras spent 2011 at the renowned music technology school Dubspot in New York City - as both student and employee. After returning home to Denmark, Ras became the first Ableton Certified Trainer in Northern Europe and started teaching globally as one of 200 Certified Trainers worldwide. In 2013, Ras worked as headmaster of the Strøm School - the educational side of Scandinavia’s biggest electronic music festival, Strøm - catering workshops and masterclasses focused on electronic music and Djing.

When experiencing a performance with Ras, you will find it deeply rooted in the setting, you, the crowd, and the atmosphere. No matter whether it’s a DJ set or improvised live concert.

Ras’ side projects currently include dub mixing and bass synthesis with Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra (KLO) & programming for Siri Myggen.


Being Gathering, Portugal, Boomland, 2017

Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria, 2017

Olympics 2016, Rio de Janeiro

Ableton Loop w. Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra, Funkhaus Berlin, 2016

Greenville Festival & OTB, New Delhi, India

Roskilde Festival 2013, 2014, 2015

Various live performances for improvised dance, yoga, sound systems, and DJ gigs around the world (Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Tokyo).