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Ras Kjærbo – DJ, live performance, and production of experimental electronic music [releasing on Record Launcher (DK)]. Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook Page

Ombience – yoga and live improvised electronic music with singer and yoga instructor Cipa Pape [signed with Sony Music Entertainment (DK)].

Kata – DJ and producter alias of Ras Kjærbo revolving around jungle, rave, and drum & bass [releasing with OHOI! / Circle Vision (DK)].

Outta Endz – underground breakbeat driven rave collective based in Copenhagen and New York City, together with Odd Harmonics and Audio Fields.

Rumkraft – Electronic music school and Northern Europe’s first Ableton Certified Training Centre.

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra – improvised electronic music ensemble pushing boundaries of improvised electronic music and live performance with technology [currently inactive].

OHOI! – Notorious Danish rave and music production crew, I have the honour to help promote bass music and sound system culture in Denmark with OHOI!.

Christiania Dub Club – Collaboration of dub, reggae, roots, and steppas loving people from around Denmark and Europe. Monthly club night at Loppen, Christiania with various glorious international bookings, live streams, DJ sets and live sessions [currently inactive].

Siri Myggen – external master thesis and soloist counsellor Aalborg Conservatory, producer, live electronics, dubs, programming, and back-tracks [currently inactive].