Abstract (tentative)

In this paper, I introduce the 3D MIDI Harmonizer, a soft- ware tool for creating and manipulating melody and harmony in electronic music production and for improvisational performance. The 3D MIDI Harmonizer is a combination of a Max for Live device that performs operations on MIDI notes in three dimensions: pitch, delay, and looping. The pitch dimension allows the user to add up to six additional pitches to a given melody, while the delay dimension allows the user to alter the timing of each added pitch. The looping dimension allows the user to wrap each added pitch around itself, creating a timed retrigger effect. The control surface for the device runs on a tablet with a custom GUI made in Lemur by

I describe the development process for the 3D MIDI Harmonizer, including the design of the interface and the choice of software tools and technologies. I also describe the user testing that was conducted, and present feedback from participants who experienced the tool in use for a quadraphonic deep and meditative sound journey at Herlev Library, Denmark.

I conclude by discussing the potential applications of the 3D MIDI Harmonizer in electronic music production, and by considering the broader implications of this tool for the philosophy of harmony and melody. I argue that the 3D MIDI Harmonizer represents a novel approach to harmony and melody composition, and that it has the potential to open up new tonal and harmonic possibilities for musicians, performers, and producers.

Introduction (tentative)

The 3D MIDI Harmonizer is a tool for composing and manipulating melodies and harmonies in the context of electronic music production and performance. Developed by musician, educator, and music technologist, Ras Kjærbo, the 3D MIDI Harmonizer is designed to be a versatile and expressive tool for creating complex and dynamic musical structures. In this paper, I will explore the philosophy of melody and harmony, and discuss the ways in which the 3D MIDI Harmonizer is capable of generating and manipulating these elements in new and interesting ways. The 3D MIDI Harmonizer represents a significant advancement in the field of electronic music production, as it allows users to create and manipulate melody and harmony in unprecedented ways. One of the key features of this software tool is its ability to blur the line between melody and harmony, giving users the ability to select how closely or distantly these elements are intertwined. This level of control is made possible through the use of a performance-oriented control surface running on a tablet alongside the actual MIDI Harmonizer device. With the 3D MIDI Harmonizer, users can precisely control the pitch, delay, and looping of MIDI notes, allowing them to craft unique and intricate melodies and harmonies. The tool also offers a high level of flexibility, as it can be configured on the fly to meet the needs of the user. This means that users can experiment with different configurations and settings in real-time, in order to find the sound that best suits their musical vision. In summary, the 3D MIDI Harmonizer represents a powerful and innovative tool for creating and manipulating melody and harmony in electronic music production. Its ability to blur the line between these elements and its highly configurable nature make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of any musician or producer working in the realm of electronic music.


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